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Conference Origins

Prior to the 1980s, high school sports leagues in Connecticut tended to be smaller in scale, with a focus on close geographic proximity and similar student body compositions. However, a transformative movement emerged in the late 1980s, championed by the Commissioner of Education and the Superintendents of various school districts. 

This movement aimed to expand athletic conferences and foster greater diversity in terms of socio-economic population, racial and ethnic representation, and geography among participating schools. 

Collaborative programs were devised to facilitate closer cooperation between urban and suburban communities, paving the way for the expansion of athletic conferences. 


The South-West Conference (SWC) comprises 14 high schools situated in the southwestern region of Connecticut. These member schools are affiliated with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and operate within the framework established by the CIAC, which governs high school athletics across the state.

Additionally, SWC member schools adhere to the regulations set forth by the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS), the governing body responsible for establishing rules for most CIAC sanctioned sports. 


By operating under the jurisdiction of both the CIAC and the National Federation of High School Sports, the SWC ensures that its member schools maintain a standardized and fair approach to high school sports.

Present Day

Member Schools

The SWC is comprised of 14 schools:

  • Bethel 'Wildcats'

  • Brookfield 'Bobcats'

  • Bunnell 'Bulldogs'

  • Immaculate 'Mustangs'

  • Joel Barlow 'Falcons'

  • Kolbe Cathedral 'Cougars'

  • Masuk 'Panthers'

  • New Fairfield 'Rebels'

  • New Milford 'Green Wave'

  • Newtown 'Nighthawks'

  • Notre Dame (Fairfield) 'Lancers'

  • Pomperaug 'Panthers'

  • Stratford 'Red Devils'

  • Weston 'Trojans'

Present Day

As conferences expanded, smaller conferences encountered difficulties in scheduling competitive sports events without extensive travel to distant schools. To address this challenge, the Western Connecticut Conference (WCC) and the Cross County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CCIAC) forged a close working relationship.


In the early 1990s, representatives from both conferences convened to explore the possibility of formally merging to create a single conference that would cater to their respective needs. After reaching an agreement in 1994, the South-West Conference (SWC) was established and commenced operations in the fall of 1995.


To ensure its legitimacy and structure, the SWC successfully obtained IRS approval as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and registered with the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. These measures solidified the conference’s status as an official entity, dedicated to fostering athletic excellence and collaboration among member schools.

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